Thursday, 6 October 2011

How is life back in the states? I imagine fall is arriving and for you back in the Midwest that means cooler weather and leaves starting to change and those of you in AZ…just not as hot! And I think you’re getting some rain too, yes?
Here is Southern Namibia all is well. It’s trying to be summer but a cool wind blew in on Saturday and it’s been mostly cold ever since. I know the heat is coming so now it’s just a waiting game.
The latest two Czech volunteers that were here left at the end of September and a new Czech volunteer arrived a few days before they left. Unlike the previous volunteers, this man is in his late 30’s. He is now studying social work and he has successful businesses back in the Czech Republic.  He has come here to help my boss at the craft center with his business insight. I think this is his way of giving back. It’s very different than the previous student s who were in their early 20’s. It’s much quieter and calmer around the suite now. J
We had a nice reception at work last week with the Governor of the Karas (southern) region of Namibia as well as business people from Old Mutual, which is an insurance company here in Namibia. They donated a large sum of money to the craft center that was used to buy an industrial embroidery machine that we can use to embroider shirts and caps, etc. I think it will really help the center grow and gain revenue. I’ll be sure to include some pics from the event including one of the governor coming out of the room that has the embroidery machine as well as one of my boss showing everyone a cap that was embroidered. Also one of me and two of my favorite elders from the workshop…..sweet ladies!
Work continues to stay busy and the garden project is slow moving. The social worker from the hospital sent a proposal about a month ago and we haven’t heard back yet. If there is no good news by the end of this week, I’ll be sending another proposal to a woman from the states who helped to fund a garden project for another PC volunteer in the north. I will stay committed to helping the hospital find funding for a garden because food security is such a big issue around here and this garden will benefit women from the center as well as their children. That is very, very important to me as these folks are becoming like family and I want something sustainable that will continue to help them into the future.
What else is new……making time on the weekends to rest and also get out a bit with fellow volunteers. Here in town there are only a couple places we will go after dark due to safety issues and only if we have someone who will transport us there and safely back home (PC volunteers in Namibia are not allowed to drive unless we are on leave).  It is fun to get out though and see how differently Namibians socialize. The men here love to sing and dance! And aren’t afraid to show it! I’ll share a picture of a guy dancing at one of our hangouts! Good stuff! J
Hey, some o f you have “friended” me on Face book and I thank you for that but also must decline. I have made it a standing rule to keep Face book for family and friends and to keep it separate from my professional life as a counselor. Do feel free to send me an email (  as I would love to hear from you guys and hear about what is new in your world. It might take a bit for me to write back but I will.
Know that I think about all of you…friends, family, former clients and the like. Thanks for following this blog and I wish you well!


  1. Wow, sounds like you are moving right along in life. Soooo proud of you and yours for all you do in the world. You look great!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from Mesa, Arizona USA.

  3. oops, kaDees blog is actually... deniseh