Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Green Spot

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I finally have the chance to write! This week has been like mid-terms in college. Homework on Monday, mid evaluation due yesterday and today was the dreaded mid  LPI (language proficiency Interview) which is a spoken evaluation to see how well we are all doing with learning our languages. The rest of the week is more training so no homework tonight! Time to catch up the blog!
Last Friday we went to a farm here in Okahandja that is utilizing perma gardening. The idea is to use less space and produce more abundant produce. A gentleman by the name of Peter Jensen was in town for the week from Tanzania to do a workshop with current PCV’s (Peace Corps Volunteers) on how to bring this idea to their community as food security is a big problem here (meaning people out in rural areas simply don’t have enough to eat…and if you are trying to take medication for HIV/AIDS, that can be a big problem).
The farm was beautiful and he was full of great ideas. We were all sad in that we only had about an hour and a half to spend with him. We all agreed that at reconnect (a month long training in 3 months), we would like to learn more about this. I’m hoping it will even be useful when I come home! It would be great to have a lovely little garden.
Enjoy the pictures and I hope you are all well! Lekker Dag!

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