Monday, 30 May 2011

I hope this finds you well!
I’ll keep the writing short as I finally took pictures of my walk to work. I also have a bike now and Lucie, Aya and I rode our bikes to Quiver Tree Forest yesterday (Sunday). Quiver trees look like trees topped with Agave plants. I’ve shared a picture from our outing (which also included going inside the Cheetah pen during feeding….that was enough to make my heart race!).
Just an update on things…work is going well. There is quite a lot to do at the center so I’m keeping very busy indeed. I also broke a tooth on a Cliff bar (of all things right?) so I’ll be heading to Windhoek next week to see a dentist there and hopefully they can repair it. I may also be heading to Rosh Pinah this weekend with a coworker for an expo where we again will have a chance to show off the wares from the craft center.  Rosh Pinah is far south and is a mining town. Should be interesting. Although I’m not doing much counseling I’m learning a lot about marketing! I may come back with a new career! J
Okay….for the pics…the first one is looking South from the 2nd floor of the nurse’s dorm. That is the direction I head to go to work. The second is heading out of the hospital complex toward the guard stand. The next one is down the road a ways… (my host mom saw me walking and took me down the road where she dropped her grandson off to school so I missed a few blocks). As you can see there are homes and then some small businesses along the way and then a field before the church. Once I pass the church, I’m in Tseiblaagte, the poorest part of Keetmanshoop, which is also where I work.  Head down the road to the dead end, hang a right and there is Karas Huisen Crafts!
Okay…enjoy! I hope all is well..winter is quickly approaching here and they were right…it’s cold in the south! ;-)
Missing all of you and the heat!  Be well!

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