Saturday, 7 May 2011

Okay, I know I promised some pictures of Keetmanshoop. I do have pics of the adorable kids that live in my host family home. There is Dylan, who is 6, Ethan who is 2 and Jeven who is one. They are all adorable and fun. I enjoyed staying at the host family but have decided to move out a few weeks early to give my host mom her room back and to also get settled and finally, after 3 months, unpack all of my luggage!
I have now moved into the nurse’s home which is really more like a dorm. I’m getting settled in and share a suite with Helen, Lucie and Aya, who are volunteers from the Czech Republic, along with Will, who has been in PC Namibia two years and decided to extend for a third year and come to Keetmanshoop. It’s nice having him here as he knows the ropes a bit and is very good at speaking Afrikaans!
Last weekend I was in Luderitz which is an old German town on the Ocean. There are two volunteers from my group there and two other volunteers who have been there for a while.  The craft center I worked for was fortunate to have a booth sponsored by the governor at the Crayfish Festival in Luderitz. It was their first fair and was a good chance for us all to learn together for future fairs.
It was great to spend a weekend away and with other volunteers in such a fun town. I’ve shared some pictures of Luderitz along with pics of my new digs! As most of you can imagine, I deep cleaned my room before moving in and setting it all up. What you are seeing are before pics.
So far things are going well. I’m getting to know more people in the community and although the hospital and nurse’s home are out on the edge of town, I’m sure I’ll still find ways to keep getting more and more integrated to make Keetmanshoop home.
Hope all is well in the states! Miss you all!

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