Friday, 1 April 2011


I returned from Keetmanshoop yesterday. I will definitely be busy! The craft center is great and I’m excited to help the organization try to increase their marketing in order to be able to keep the women employed by the center very busy and therefore generating income to help them and their families stay fed. Right now a big challenge is selling enough of the great crafts they make to keep the women busy and employed. They have also started doing screen printing of t-shirts which will also help to generate a lot of income.  
There are two other women who are new to the center’s staff, Keshia and Claudia. I believe I will be working closely with them on marketing ideas as well as helping to organize some production materials in the center. Since I am only here for two years, I need to be sure that what I do is tied into what they are doing so that the work is sustained and understood by someone other than me. Otherwise it is pointless if it falls to the wayside when I return to the states.
Keetmanshoop has a high rate of alcoholism and the craft center is located in an area of town that is quite poor. There are some beautiful people in Keets and I look forward to getting integrated into the community as that will help keep me safe and will help to explain who I am and my intentions for being around and working at the center.  There are some other volunteers in Keets that have been there for a year and have offered a lot of insight. I am also joined by another woman from my training group who will be working at the hospital and we will be joined by Will, a current volunteer who is extending his service for one more year and will be coming to Keets to do so. It will be nice to have a male presence around!
The pictures below are from a gala I attended while there where the women showed off some of the items they make at the center. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy. The scenery is from the drive down…a lot like AZ huh? I’m back in the desert! J
I now have a PO Box too so feel free to be in touch! My PO Box is:
Becky Tomaszewski
PO Box 83
Keetmanshoop, Namibia
I hope this finds you all well! Geniet die dag! (Enjoy the day!)

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